1.Completion of courses: only students who have fulfilled requirements in all areas of studies related to their program would be qualified to graduate – Completion of mandatory courses include core courses, major courses and elective courses.

2.Graded Materials: Graded and ungraded materials related to submission of projects, term papers, test or examination answer sheets are considered properties of the institution (on submission), therefore, such may not be returned to students.

3.Submission of Assignments and Projects: grades would only be awarded to course assignments and projects submitted for grading. Students would not be allowed to graduate if they have assignments and projects pending. Emergency cases like ailment and hospitalization or bereavement must be reported with evidence and a letter.

4.Transcript Transfer: Students who transferred from other institutions must submit their transcript for evaluation in order to be awarded credits for previous studies.

5.Transfer of Credits:
Transferred credits are deductible both externally and internally. (Only 60 credits per student are transferable).

6.Uncredited Courses: Only 1 unit credit would be awarded to each course work study from an unaccredited institution.

7.Award of Credits: Credits are awarded by accumulation from one level of study to another.

8.Payments: students with outstanding bills will not be allowed to graduate.

9.Non-payment would be turned over to collection agency.

10.Late payment: Late payment would attract $25 per month until payment is completed.

11.Letter of Approval: In order to qualify for graduation, students would be given a letter of approval signed by the Dean of Studies, Registrar and the Finance Secretary. No student would be allowed to graduate without the letter of approval for graduation from all the officials listed.

12.Progressive Graduation: PWDBI believes in progressive graduation system whereby students who complete the requirement at the end of each year study would be allowed to participate in a progressive graduation system ranging from certificate to doctoral awards. Progressive Graduation is a type of promotional award for accomplishment.