PWDBI requires all students to give a specified amount as donation to each course as a commitment. All pre-registration forms must be submitted with a non-refundable application commitment of $50 per person.

1.Full time and part time students: Full time students must carry a load of 15-21 credits per semester. The donation for a full time student depends on the amount of credits taken.

2.Payment Plan is available: All students on payment plan must complete their commitment payments by the end of the second month of each semester.

3.Refunds: No refunds on all money paid for classes. All money owe must be paid.
Registration commitment is not refundable.

4.Grievances: Offences and grievances are no excuses for non-payment. All donations must be paid in full and on time as agreed.

5.Donation and Payment:
A course is $150 per credit unit. Each course carries 3 full credit units to complete.
Courses are prepaid. Therefore full payment is required before the start of each course.

6.Payment plan: Payment plan is acceptable. However, late payment will attract $25 on the amount due if not paid within 5 days from the due date.

Text Books
Courses are listed with both recommended and suggested text books. Books authored by the President – Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels, and other faculty members are available through the Overcomers House bookstore.

General Policy Awareness

Attendance: Attendance is a score point therefore all students are expected to sign the class Attendance Sheet. No student is permitted to sign for another person. All students must fulfill 90 percent of attendance as part of requirement to complete and graduate from a class.

Absence: Unexcused absence from class for a period of one week is allowed without penalty. However, frequent absenteeism shall be penalized by the course instructor.

Assignments: All students, regardless of excused absences, are expected to submit the required assignments and projects in order to complete a semester program.

Practical Activation Class: All practical classes are compulsory for all students to fulfill requirement for graduation. Each semester’s Practical Activation Classes are scheduled for Saturday afternoon from 2.00pm to 6.00p.m. at Overcomers House Auditorium, (and depending on the campus of studies). Each student will be scheduled to perform different assignment at various times according to course requirements. Performances will be graded and class observation will also be included.

Seminars/ Conferences/ Conventions: Active participation in special events such as seminars, conferences and conventions are mandatory practical requirement.

Internship: All students are expected to fulfill an internship as a mandatory requirement for graduation. Placement for Internship will be held with organizations recommended by PWDBI.

Code of Conduct: All students are expected to demonstrate high standards of moral purity, honesty, according to Christian ethics required from Biblical teaching. Abusive conduct, misbehaviors and strife will not be tolerated.

Conflict Resolution: All students are expected to be born again Christians who understand the application of the basic doctrines of the Christian Faith to their daily lives. Therefore all students must endeavor to contain their personal character and resolve all offences amicably. The College Student adviser may be consulted where issues are difficult to resolve. Eating and Drinking of beverages are not allowed in the classroom and especially in the Church auditorium.

Grievances: All grievances must be settled in house within this institution except matters that involve crimes committed against human life, use of weapons, and robbery. On no grounds should external agencies, law enforcement agents, legal authorities or governmental bodies be invited to mediate over any matter(s) that ensued between students and staff members or school authorities.

We are human, and humans do err. Students must discuss their grievances directly with the registrar or appropriate staff of this institution according to Biblical ethics and expectations. No grievance should be presented to a non-staff of the institution. This is a Bible institution; therefore all matters must be settled on Biblical principles within the institution without involving an outsider. Therefore this institution will not condone rumor mongering, false accusation, insinuation, strife, quarrels, fighting and all manner of ungodly behaviors such as must not be mentioned or heard of in the body of Christ (Galatians 5: 18-21, I Timothy 1:10 & Revelations 21:8).

Resolutions: All complains, conflicts, grievances and disagreements must be reported in writing and presented to the appropriate authorities in charge of conflict resolutions and grievances in this institution within 24-48 hours of occurrence. All reports filed either by students, staff or outsiders must be given up to 7-30days of investigation, depending on the type of problem, for the matter to be resolved amicably.

Dress Code: Ministers in training should appear presentable at all times. Casual wears are not allowed at special events such as conferences, seminars and conventions. Both male and female students must be well covered in their appearance. Students must appear neat, and well presented at all times.

Withdrawal: Situations that are beyond human control, such as deaths, sudden mishap, accidents and prolonged illness may cause a student to be absent from class or skip a semester. In case of such sudden mishap, the school will work out an appropriate waiver for the restoration of time lost if requested.

On line Registration: All students must complete their registration on line.

Assignment and Project:

All assignments and projects must be submitted a week after course completion.
Lateness: In case of emergency, the institution must be notified otherwise, there will be loss of points for late submission. Failure to submit assignment after 30days will attract re-registration of the course concerned.

Submission: Students must submit one hard copy with a cover sheet to the instructor, and send a second copy by email to: or or

*Graduation: Student will only be allowed to graduate after all fees are paid and assignments and projects are completed. Graduation is based on completion of credit units as listed above.

*Checkup: Students must endeavor to cross check their financial and academic grade status at the end of every month or semester to ensure that everything is rectified. Do not assume all is well until you have been given a note of assurance by the registrar. (Always cross check things for yourself).

*Communication Mode: Communication between Staff and students may include SMS text messaging, email, memo note or official letter etc. All students must have email addresses with their full names for easy identification. Students may be sent important information by any of these channels especially email. Students must check school email frequently and must respond to communications as deem fit.
Student Awareness: All students must request and sign the awareness and completion form.

Student Signature: _______________________
Date: _________________

Program Completion Requirement

Associate Program:
1.Required core courses for Associate Program: 5 theological courses x 3 Credit units = 15 credits.
2.Major concentration courses: 10 major courses x 3 credits units = 30 credits
3.Elective courses: 5 electives x 3 credit units = 15 credits
4.Total credit for Associate program: 20 courses x 3 credit units = 60 credit units

Undergraduate and Graduate Program:
1.Required Core Course for Degree Program: 15 theological courses x 3 Credit units = 45 credits
2.Major concentration courses: 20 major courses x 3 credit units = 60 credits
3.Elective courses: 5 electives x 3 credit units = 15 credits
4.Total credit for Bachelor program: 42 courses x 3 credit units = 120 credit units

Graduation and Internship: 6 months to One year Internship is required
1.Student Ordination and Licensing for Internship:
2.Internship with PWDI (Optional)
3.Internship with Student Home Church (Optional)
4.Internship with Affiliate Church (Optional)

Thesis and Dissertation:
Graduating students are required to do a research or investigative project to demonstrate their understanding and acquisition of knowledge in the area of study and concentration. The project must explore the entire areas of study with practical experiences from ministry work and internship. Student should discuss project topic with the Dean or Course Lecturer.

Student must ensure complete payment of all monies owned in order to obtain approval for graduation. **Unpaid balance will hinder graduation.

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