Prophetic-Deliverance Theological Training Institute (PWDI)

Department: School of Mentoring Relationship
Program: Mentoring Relationship

Academic Information:

1.Course Registration: US$100 .00 per course/module
2.Course Registration includes Free audio/visual download
3.Lesson Materials: (Text Book and Workbook) not included in registration
4.Practical Reflection: A practical reflective paper is due upon completion of a class.
5.Final Exam: An exam is required to complete each course.
6.Course Duration: Each course must be completed in a period of 6 weeks or 60-days.
7.Practicum Assessment: Students are expected to attend the annual School of Prophetic Deliverance Convention usually held in (January for USA or July for Africa) in order to experience practical deliverance ministration. Please watch out for the dates in our correspondences and websites.

Assignments and Projects

Weekly Assignments:
Students are required to write a weekly reflection on the topic covered. Each question must be answered adequately to reflect the exact question as stated in the course assessment above. Also, see reflection and continuous assessment questions below.

Each week’s reflective paper carries 10% of final grade.
Ordinary Level Weekly Assignments: 3- 5 pages
Bachelor’s Weekly Assignments: 3-7pages with citation
Master’s Weekly Assignments: 5-9pages with citation
Doctorate Weekly Assignments: 7-15pages with citation
Exam: There is a final exam at the end of each course

Online Class Syllabus

Program: Mentoring Relationship

Module I (ML101): Act of Mentoring
Text Book: Mentoring and Leadership I: Act of Mentoring

Module II (ML202): Act of Self-Mentoring
Text Book: Progressive Achievement: Receive It; Maintain It

Module III (ML303): Somebody Cares
Text Book: School of Mentoring and Leadership III:
Somebody Cares . . . Cares for You . . . Cares for me.
Mentoring with Passion and Attention

Module 1 Mentoring and Leadership (ML101)
Unit 1 Act of Mentoring
Module 2 School of Mentoring and Leadership (ML202)
Unit 1 Progressive Achievement
Module 3 Somebody Cares (ML303)
Unit 1 Somebody Cares
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