The Pauline Walley Deliverance Bible Institute (PWDBI) admits Christians from all church denominational background with standard Christian beliefs irrespective of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin. The Institute does not discriminate on the basis of its admission policies, administrative policies and its general policies or other programs administered by PWDBI; however, PWDBI’s Doctrinal Beliefs shall be considered in processing a candidate’s application.

Admission Procedure:
1.Application Forms: All candidates seeking admission must complete all Application Forms required for admission. Application Forms include: Pre-registration Form, Admission Forms, and Departmental Forms.

2.Transfer #1: All candidates transferring from other institutions must submit details of their course work from their previous institutions. A transcript will be required to assess their credits.

3.Transfer #2: Candidates who have completed theological trainings from other institution and have been awarded certificates must submit details of the course contents or copies of project submitted to that effect in order to be granted a waiver.

4.Waiver – #1: The Transfer Waiver – Candidates transferring from School of Intensive Training for Ministry Equipment (SITME) must speak to the Administrative Secretary prior to filling out the Admission forms.

5.Waiver – #2: The SITME Waiver – Candidates who have attended and completed all programs from SITME would be required to either write an examination or retake the class concerned in order to ascertain their knowledge and ability to fulfill effective administration of their performances.

6.Waiver – #3: The Matured Candidate Waiver – Matured Candidates are individuals who have been involved in active service in the five-fold ministry, but have no basic academic training from secular institutions. Matured Candidate’s waiver will be granted based on the load of ministerial activities per week and the length of involvement as well as situations that led to his ministerial service.

7.Waiver – #4: The Mature Age Waiver – Age is a factor for consideration. Therefore Candidates aged 40 years and above who are involved in Ministry, Church work or Social service may be accepted as matured candidates if they could produce acceptable proof of experience or work, subject to an interview.