About Us

PWDBI: Providing biblical education with focus on Deliverance Evangelism Revolution.

The Mission of Pauline Walley Deliverance Bible Institute (PWDBI) is to raise a Deliverance Revolution Army (DRA). Each student trained at PWDBI is considered a warrior in the army of the Lord; carrying out a revolution of freedom and liberty to those who are seeking to enjoy their salvation in Christ Jesus.

PWDBI provides educational skills that focus on deliverance evangelism revolution. Students are trained on how to minister deliverance to themselves and others; how to war against evil spirits; how to pull down satanic strongholds; how to set the captives free and also, how to release those in bondage.

Studies include practical training sessions and internship at a ministry or Christian organization recommended by PWDBI.

PWDBI ensures that graduates from this institution will be able to function effectively in any place, at anytime, in different nations of the world under any situation or circumstances.

Studying at PWDBI empowers one to build a godly stronghold for the advancement of Christianity around the world.

Conception and Birth of PWDI

In a 5-year period beginning from 1977 to 1982, the Lord gave me a series of revelations on what I will be doing for Him in Ministry. Although it was exciting to know that God was depending on me to reach out to the human race at a certain level, I had so many challenges that it seemed that the revelations were an unrealistic myth.

While I was still struggling to pass my high school examination, which posed a threat to my admission into college, the Lord appeared to me and told me that I will study to a Doctorate Degree level. At another time, we went to a night vigil prayer meeting, and while we were waiting for the meeting to take off, I fell into a trance and saw the late revivalist, Charles Finney leading souls to the Lord. Then the Lord began to show me how I will be leading souls into the Kingdom of God. He also told me that I will be an educationist to train people to do same. So I began to cry. A friend, now Rev. William Burland noticed that I was crying while everyone seemed to be relaxed and happy, so he began to counsel me. I then related my revelation to him. From then on, Rev. Burland began to hold a private Bible Study session with me to enable me to prepare for the ministry call.

From then on the Lord began to prepare me for the mission field and how to train others to fulfill their ministerial call. The Lord will always wake me up and dictate lessons for me to write. Over a certain period of time, I carried a portable typewriter with me everywhere I went, until I got my first Toshiba laptop in 1992.

In 1998, while in Bronx, New York, the Lord directed me to take a vacation. During the vacation, the Lord spoke to me clearly about establishing the School of Deliverance to function as an institution to train and equip people to pull down satanic strongholds. Shortly after the Lord had spoken to me, a woman of God (Mother Pauline) called me to confirm the revelation. She said, “The Lord wants you to start a school of something …! He says you know what it is. And you need to start it right away. The purpose is for now, now, now! Call me when you get it right, Okay! Then she hung up.”

In August 1999, the School of Deliverance started in the then Overcomers’ House on 687 East 219 Street, Bronx New York. 32 Students enrolled in the one week intensive training on “How to Minister Deliverance” from August 2 to 7, 1999. Although, the Lord asked me to go straight into a degree program, we had some challenges that held us back.

The Lord continued to remind me until recently when the Lord gave it to me again as a mandate that needed to be fulfilled in this season. Once again, in August 2007, the Lord began to speak concerning the training of a Deliverance Revolution Army to hold a degree in Deliverance Ministration so that they can invade the nations and penetrate every corner of the world to pull down satanic strongholds.

Everyday and night the Lord gave me specific instruction on the materials (course details) to be taught in the college. Most of the revelations that I received have been published into books according to divine direction. After the School of Deliverance had been strengthened across the nations, the Lord gave us a progression in the vision by adding other Schools to the program. The other Schools are: School of Strategic Prayer, School of Mentoring and Leadership, School of Prophets, School of Pulpit Communications, and School of Tactical Evangelism. All the 7 schools comprised the School of Intensive Training for Ministry and Leadership Equipment (SITME/LE); these programs which were under certificate courses are now being upgraded to be included in the Bachelor and Masters’ degree in four different concentrations.

Finally, in October 2007, as we prepared to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Pauline Walley Evangelistic Ministries’ existence in New York, a committee was set up to put the vision of PWDBI degree program into reality.

Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels
Founder and President